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This is truly a hard one. I’m such a variable traveler, that every destination has been incredibly different. Each place I’ve visited has it’s own uniqueness and charm that draws me to it in their own way. That said, so far, Peru was the first international destination I planned completely on my own. It had a combination of natural wonders, delicious food, and rich culture. Because of everything I got to do there, it’s so far one of my favorite places I’ve visited.

This one is easy, India. I’ve started my plan for my long awaited India trip, visiting from north to south. For me it is not just about the trip to India, but also, seeing the country my ancestors came from. My great-grandparents were from India, and took a boat to Trinidad. My family grew up in the islands and I resonate with the Caribbean culture more-so. While I’ve been to Trinidad many times, I have not been to India, and once a go, I’ll feel like I accomplished one of my most important trips for me.

I’m sure you’ve seen travel accounts where those people have left their 9-5 and now travel the world full time! It really can look enticing and exciting. However, it is a lot of work. Not only do you have to be a successful content creator, but you’re often on the move. Right now, I’m still happy with my career path and not in a place to quit my job and live the van-life. However, I never say never, when I feel like the time is right for me, maybe it’ll be the path I choose to follow!

I really only started incorporating travel into my lifestyle after I graduated college and started working full time. To maximize my travels, I take advantage of PTO, holidays, and now WFH opportunities. I think it’s mainly my lifestyle that allows me to be able to prioritize travel. Because travel is my stress relief rather than an added stress, it makes it easier to balance both. With really only my dog as my responsibility, I’m enjoying my 20s by prioritizing my wants which include travel!

Oh man, I have so much travel advice knowledge from all my research and experience. And even then, I’m learning more everyday, so many resources and people have helped me along the way when it comes to travel. Overall, I think the best advice I can give, when planning your trip is 

Initially, I was really intimidated to start this travel blog. There are so many successful travel content creators and travel blogs out there, I didn’t think mine would stand out amongst the many great ones out there. Then I remembered, I didn’t want to create this to compare to other travel blogs, but I wanted to create this for myself to record my own experiences. If my posts help at least one person decide, plan out, or even just inspire someone for a trip, then I would count my travel blog as a success!