Cape Peninsula Road Trip

Cape Peninsula Road Trip

Cape Town is known for it’s beautiful landscape consisting of beaches, mountains, and beautiful nature views. If you’re going to Cape Town, a day road trip is a must to see some of Cape Town’s beautiful landmarks. This post goes over a Cape Town Peninsula Road Trip hitting different sites while driving along one of the world’s most scenic road.

This itinerary includes stops to see beaches, penguins, the southwestern most point of Africa, and a spectacular marine scenic drive. You can hit all these stops in one full road trip day. You can rent a car to take and be on your own schedule, join in on a group tour, or hire a private driver, all depending on your comfort level and how much you want to spend.

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See below for what the perfect Cape Town Peninsula Road Trip itinerary!

Muizenberg Beach

View of Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town South Africa
Muizenberg Beach

After an early morning breakfast and coffee in Cape Town, head out to your first stop on your Cape Town Peninsula road trip. The first stop, Muizenberg Beach, is about an hour from Cape Town located on the east peninsula of South Africa.

If you have enough time you can get to the beach early enough, you can spend the morning in the water or on the beach itself. Or you can just take a quick stop on the overlook and admire the beach.

We wanted to spend more time at the other attractions, so opted for a quick overlook of the beautiful beach below.



St. James Beach is another beach stop you can take only 5 mintues away if you’re a beach person.

Simon's Town

Penguins at Boulders Beach in Simon's Town in Cape Town South Africa
Penguins at Boulders Beach

After the beach, you’ll head to Simons Town. Simons Town is 30 minutes from Muizenberg Beach driving along the east coast. Simons Town is known for it’s gorgeous beaches, rich history, and the colony of African penguins.

You can park your car and pay the entrance fee which includes access to Boulder Beach to view the penguins, as well as other viewpoints. 

Walk along the path to enjoy the beach, penguins and viewpoints. 



If you didn’t get to go to the beach on your first stop, you can take a break to swim here if you have time!

Lunch at Noordhoek Farm Village

Lunch at The Foodbarn Cafe in Noordhoek Farm Village in Cape Town South Africa
The Foodbarn Cafe

After seeing the penguins, it’s time for a lunch break. Head to the Noordhoek Farm Village for a delicious lunch and souvenir shopping. 

We ate the The Foodbarn Cafe & Tapas. A spacious eatery with global influences and wine pairings. There are other food options in the area as well.

You can take some time here as well to browse in the little shops and purchase souvenirs. 

Cape Point Nature Reserve

Cape of Good Hope Old Lighthouse at Cape Point Nature Reserve in South Africa
Cape of Good Hope Old Lighthouse

Once you’ve filled up on lunch, head back on the road down to Cape Point Nature Reserve. Plan for an hour to make it down to the southern section of the Table Mountain National Park.

Here, you can admire the rocks and landscape where the land meets the sea. Walk along the beach or trails. And if you can, plan to walk or ride up to the new lighthouse for a fantastic viewpoint.


Cape Point Nature Reserve has enough to fill sights and activities to spend a whole day. If this is of interest for you, you can plan a whole day. Otherwise an afternoon was enough for us to see some amazing sights!

Drive Along Chapman's Peak

Driving along Chapman's Peak Drive in Cape Town South Africa
Driving along Chapman's Peak Drive

After a long day of exploring, take the drive along Chapman’s Peak, the winding road on the Atlantic coast. Chapman’s peak is known as one of the most scenic drives in the world.

If you’ve opted to go with a day tour for this road trip day, take the time to sit back and admire the scenic route. 


Be on the lookout for warning signs or road closures while driving.

Chapman Drive Lookout for Sunset

Chapman's Peak Drive Lookout Point Sunset view in the cave in Cape Town South Africa
Sunset at Chapman's Peak Drive Lookout Point

The perfect end to your Cape Peninsula Road Trip is watching the sunset along the water. Find this little cave lookout point at the Chapman’s Peak Drive Lookout Point. 

It takes a little bit of crawling and climbing to get to the spot, but is not hard at all to reach. Enjoy the sunset from the cave as well as the panoramic view by the pullout.

Now it's time for you to take on the epic Cape Peninsula Road trip

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Cape Peninsula Road Trip
Cape Peninsula Road Trip

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