The Centennial State


Gorgeous landscapes, charming towns, and infinite dog-friendly hikes bring me back to Colorado often! It’s one of Apollo’s favorite places as well

Day Trip to Fort Collins Featured Image
Day Trip to Fort Collins

When we spent our month in Denver, one of our favorite things was taking road trips. Denver is a great base to stay in when other Colorado towns. We visited Fort Collins, a small town about 65 miles north of Denver. This post will discuss what to do for a day trip to Fort Collins from Denver. 

Chautauqua Park in Boulder CO
24 Hours in Boulder

Boulder, Colorado, is a cute mountain town located on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains National Park and is home to the University of Colorado.…

3 Days in Denver Travel Guide

Denver, Colorado, also known as the Mile High City, is a popular and widely traveled destination in the United States. From hiking, breweries, and winter…