The Land of the Incas


Peru is an incredible country in South America to visit. Home to one of the Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, and a section of the Amazon rainforest. Visit this country to visit some of the amazing sites built by the Inca's, and partake in Peru's rich culture.

Overlook Machu Picchu in Peru
How to plan a trip to Machu Picchu

There are many steps and things to consider before planning your trip to Machu Picchu and Peru. Especially with restrictions on the number of people allowed into Machu Picchu, it is crucial to start planning and buying tickets early to ensure your spot to visit this excellent site. Here is a post about how to plan a trip to Machu Picchu, where I’ll go over when you should take specific steps to set your trip stress-free for your visit

1 Week in Peru Featured Imaged
1 Week in Peru Travel Guide

Peru is one of those places I encourage everyone to visit once in their life, and it is a bucket-list destination. The country is rich in culture, history, food, and great people. I planned to spend two weeks exploring everything I wanted to do. However, I could only take off for about a week to visit during my time at work and school. So, if you have time constraints and can only go for a week, this one-week Peru itinerary is excellent for a first-time visit that covers all the major attractions that draw people to Peru!