The Rainbow Nation

South Africa

South Africa is the southernmost country and one of Africa's most ethnically diverse countries. It's filled with spectacular landscapes and a diversity of animals. It's perfect for embarking on safaris, seeing the beautiful coastline, and tasting delicious wine.

Cape Peninsula Featured Image
Cape Peninsula Road Trip

Cape Town is known for it’s beautiful landscape consisting of beaches, mountains, and beautiful nature views. If you’re going to Cape Town, a day road…

Beach View on the Eastern Side of Cape Town
What to do in Cape Town during Summer

If Cape Town isn’t on your bucket list, this is your sign to add it! I got to visit Cape Town for the first time…

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How to Plan a Trip to Cape Town

Cape Town was my first international trip after the pandemic in 2020, and I counted down the days until I could go. Not only was it my first time in Cape Town, South Africa, but it was my first time in Africa. While I did visit with a group that did a lot of trip preparation for me, I also did some planning of my own. This post entails everything you need to plan a trip to Cape Town.