Overview of the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Top Sites in Arizona in 1 Week

Arizona is filled with so many natural and amazing landmarks, it truly is an outdoor lover’s dream. Undoubtedly, one can spend endless days here exploring Arizona’s red rocks and canyons. While I would love to take a month to explore the outdoors, a week was all I had. When I visited for my 25th birthday, I planned to visit the “must-sees” of Arizona. As a result, I’ve outlined the top sites to see in Arizona should see if you only have a week in Arizona. 

Ready for an adventure? Here are my Top Sites in Arizona 1 Week

Grand Canyon (1 Day)

Girl sitting on edge of rock in South Rim Grand Canyon a top site in Arizona

You can’t plan your trip without planning to visit this top site in Arizona, the Grand Canyon. While one day is definitely not enough to see all the rims for the Grand Canyon, it is enough for a week’s trip. After all, it is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World! While there are three rims total, the South Rim is probably your best choice when visiting for the first time. It is open all year around and is the most visited part of the park. Here there are free shuttle buses that take you to different overlooks to admire and take some amazing photographs. 

In one day, you can check out the overlooks and do a couple of short hikes. If you have time for a second day, you can tackle some of the longer hikes that take you to some of the breathtaking views. In short, a combination of the two will allow you to take your time and appreciate the Grand Canyon. However if all you can get is one day, you can still see a lot and make the trip worth it!

Havasu Falls (4 Days)

Girl standing in front of Moony Falls on the Havasupai Trekking Trail a top site in Arizona

If you’re able to get access to see the Havasu Falls, I think it is 100% worth it. I have a detailed post here on how to begin planning your Havasu Falls trip. The Havasupai Tribe requires a minimum stay of 3 nights. There, in four days we were able to hike to Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls. Both of these turned out to be my favorite top sites in Arizona. 

It is a bit hard to quantify the level of this hike, but many people go with moderate. However, many people of different hiking experience levels are able to do this hike. Although I was beginner hiker, I found it a bit difficult but rewarding. However, more experienced hikers found it a lot easier. With this in mind, make sure to look at all the details to decide whether hiking the Havasu Falls Trail is a good fit for you!

UPDATE: Havasu Falls has been closed due to COVID-19, there is no date to open back to tourism as of now.

Sedona (1 Day)

Guy holding girl while standing on Devil's Bridge in Sedona a top site in Arizona

I absolutely loved Sedona and wish we had a little more time there. But one day was enough to explore what we wanted. There, you can hike to the popular Devil’s Bridge. This is a 5.8-mile roundtrip popular hike overlooking Red Rock country. After, you can explore the town in Sedona by visiting the shops and restaurants. 

If you have more time to spend in Sedona, there are many good tour companies. Furthermore, a lot of the off-road jeep tours take you to the backcountry of Arizona, just be prepared for a bumpy ride. Without a doubt when I go back, I definitely want to try the guided ATV tours!

Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend (1 Day)

Two visitors in Antelope Canyon taking a picture a the hummingbird shadow, a top site in Arizona

I think both of these sites are a great way to end an Arizona trip. After a week of traveling and hiking, these visits are relatively short and can be done at a relaxed pace. Furthermore, you can visit Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend on the same day as they are relatively close to each other.

First drive to Antelope Canyon where you can join one of the tours that drives you to the the location to take you through the canyon. There, tours leave every half hour or so, or you can book a tour in advance if you know what time you want to go. The drive from the tour start spot to antelope canyon is about 20 minutes and the guide through Antelope Canyon is about 30 minutes. Click here to make reservations for Antelope Canyon.

From Antelope Canyon, it is only a 10 minute drive to Horseshoe Bend. After you park at Horseshoe Bend it is a short 0.6 mile walk to the overlook. There you can take your time and enjoy the views, and after this you should be able to say you saw some of the top sites in Arizona!


UPDATE: As of July 12th, 2021, Antelope Canyon is in the Yellow Phase and at 50% capacity with limited tour times. Make sure to book in advance.

I hope this post helped plan your visit to see the top sites in Arizona!

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